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How can you get the most effective biological treatment for effluent water?

Choosing the right industrial effluent treatment will ensure you are running the plant as cost effectively as possible.

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How can you make sure your plant achieves low energy consumption and is cost effective?

Whether new builds, refurbishments or replacement sewerage plant projects, these are two key considerations when selecting equipment.

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Cooling Tower

What is the most efficient way to achieve optimum heat exchange?

Understanding the design and resulting efficiency of the process cooling equipment will enable you to benchmark your system requirements.

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Equiflo Rotary Distributor

Whether it’s a stand-alone installation or part of a new or upgraded trickling filter system, every Equiflo rotary distributor is unique.


Built from a precisely engineered combination of processes and most up-to-date products and technology it provides the most effective trickling filter waste water treatment solutions.


Media Support Systems

2H has developed two new Trickling Filter tank support systems, one for Deep Bed applications over 3m and one for Shallow Beds up to 3m.


Trickling Filter media requires support off the tank base to allow the treated wastewater and sludge to drain away to the discharge gulley. The support system chosen can now  improve the efficiency of the process.


Sedimentation Tanks

A compact, low-maintenance and adaptable modular tank for use in a wide range of municipal and industrial process water treatment application.


The TUBEdek range of lamella separators allows you to build a customized and cost-effective solution that makes the most of all available space, meets all your process and operational requirements.


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Answer: How about having the foils delivered toyour location and the filters built on-site? Because 2H foils come in flat-packs, they can be delivered in large quantities – on average 38 tonnes per truck – direct to a location convenient for you. 2H has manufacturing plants worldwide which not only helps minimise delivery miles but also ensures fast product availability. As a result, the average UK delivery distance is 150 miles, producing a carbon footprint of 0.5kg per cubic metre and CO2/m3 emissions of 3.45kg.


Answer: The simple answer is to replace only the elements of your plant that aren’t performing. Here’s a recent example of the 2H approach. An international food manufacturer experienced problems at its primary UK waste water treatment plant.While the plants roughing filter was performing up to standard the random media trickling filters were failing to meet effluent standards. We responded with a cost-effective ‘best of both worlds’ solution that solved the performance and throughout issues at source by replacing only the under-performing random media with BIOdek structured plastic media. Tailoring the solution to the client ensured the client would continue benefiting from the reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost service provided by its existing roughing filters. If your current supplier isn’t offering the same level of personalised service, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.


Answer: The short answer is: “Try Before You Buy”. Make the wrong buying decision and you – and, more importantly, your customer – will be unlikely to meet key objectives such as improving Cooling Tower performance and increase productivity. Then there are the financial implications. Rather than achieving a satisfactory return on investment, your customer could be faced with the additional cost of rectifying any resulting problems. The point to bear in is that, as far as media is concerned, size – i.e. thickness – really does make a huge difference to performance and longevity. The 2H policy is to offer prospective customers media samples. However, if a supplier doesn’t take the initiative, we’d recommend asking them to provide samples of all media detailed in their proposal or specification.


Answer: Yes, there is. TUBEdek offers better process efficiency than plate systems because the tubes eliminate crossflow and eddy currents whilst maintaining laminar flow. Speed is one of the most obvious – and important improvements. In a traditional settlement tank or clarifier, the solids can travel virtually the entire length of the tank before settling at the bottom.

It’s a very slow process, sometimes wasting several, expensive hours. With a tubular lamella settlement system like TUBEdek, particles have only a short vertical distance to travel before they settle onto the face of the tubes and slide down to the bottom of the basin. This settling path is less than 100mm so it takes only a matter of minutes for particles to be removed from the flow stream.

As the particles settle onto the face of the tubes, they make very close contact which allows for agglomeration, further enhancing the rate of settlement. Larger clumps of the agglomerated particles settle out much more quickly than individual particles in standard settlement basins.


Answer:  Our DWI accredited [dwi.defra.gov.uk] TUBEdek™ Lamella Separation Tubular Settlers increase throughout, productivity and reliability when used in potable water treatment during the settlement process to remove solids from the raw water intake. The TUBEdek range, which is manufactured in PP, includes certified products for all potable water applications from Highland Whisky to tap water.


TUBEdek uses a “chevron plate” sedimentation process which is the most effective method of separating solids from the raw water intake. The uniform configuration and inclined angle of the tubes encourages laminar flow and more efficient solids separation whilst the “v” shape encourages the even discharge of the solids to the settlement zone below the TUBEdek modules.

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