What do you need from a manufacturing wastewater treatment supplier?

In our experience, it’s certainty.


Our customers know they can trust us to design and install a treatment system that does exactly what is required and delivers guaranteed results.


That’s what we mean by certainty.

Six Steps to Success


As water processing engineers we understand this and have developed a straightforward approach to help make your project easier by condensing the main effluent treatment project stages into a series of six logical steps.

Step 1

Determine if treatable

Step 2

If yes with what

Step 3

Pilot Trial

Step 4

Treatment Targets

Step 5

Full Spec Proposal

Step 6

Install and Monitor

Guaranteed Results


Take a look at some of our successful industrial wastewater treatment installations.

Download our information guides

Effluent Treatment Procurement Guide Main

A Buyers Guide to Industrial Effluent Treatment


Based on over three decades’ experience helping customers understand their industrial effluent treatment needs, our Procurement Guide is designed to help you take control of the procurement process.

Download Procurement Guide

NEW Trickling Filter Guide


In this new 2020 step-by-step Guide we take you through the most important factors you need to address to make the best buying decision and ensure the best performance from your installation.

Download Trickling Filter Guide

A Guide to Sustainability and Environmental Impact


Our guide provides step-by-step, objective analysis and verifiable data on the carbon cost of modular plastic media at every stage, from the processes and materials used during manufacture to installation. 

Download Sustainability Guide

Sedimentation In Water Treatment


Our guide to solutions for power plants and water and wastewater applications, inspired by our sense of responsibility for the management of resources and a clean environment.

Download Sedimentation Technology Guide

Latest News


2H designs and installs Industrial wastewater solutions to ensure the treatment level changes needed are correctly quantified, tested and the required treatment levels are delivered.

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2H designs, develops and implements municipal wastewater treatment solutions that improve effluent quality, reduce energy wastage and carbon emissions and keep costs down.

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Cooling Towers

Every 2H Cooling Tower solution is unique because every element – treatment processes, media, products and infrastructure– is customised to deliver our client’s performance and productivity objectives.

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Our Expertise

Setting new standards in water treatment productivity

We have been designing and installing water treatment applications for over 30 years.

Intelligent Design

We create purpose built solutions that will help you meet your operational and business needs.

Our Expertise

We have the breadth and depth of expertise needed to offer customers a specialist service.

Continued Innovation

We invest heavily in R&D to provide you with continually updated equipment and technologies.

Improved Efficiency

Our core product ranges are easy to use, cost effective and energy efficient.

Measured Results

Our solutions can provide measurable long term ROI in most industrial and municipal applications.

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