About Us

2H Water Technologies is the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic media for water management plant.

Our History

During more than 30 years serving customers in the water management industry 2H Water Technologies has built an outstanding reputation for quality products and services.


Our record of successful partnerships with customers and long-term market knowledge means that we work with most key operators in the wastewater treatment, lamella settlement, process water cooling and gas purification sectors.


Our extensive design and operational experience means we can offer process design support to ensure compliance with effluent discharge standards, economic benefit and operational reliability.


2H has various accreditations including:


  • ISO 9001 (Cert No. 19/1786)
  • ISO 14001 (Cert No. 19/1783)
  • ISO 45001 (Cert No. 19/1785)
  • Achilles UVDB (Supplier No. 89787)
  • TüV (German Testing Agency)


Potable Water Certifications:


  • KTW (Germany)
  • ACS (France)
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Regulation (US)
  • EU Reg 10/2100 (Food Grade Material)
  • DWI Reg 31(4)(A) of Water Quality Regulations 2000 No 3184 (UK)
Our Customers

We work with customers in many different industries and with public service organisations ranging from prisons through housing projects and schools.


Our Customer List includes all the Water Utility companies and large civil engineering contractors such as Black & Veatch, Costain, Galliford Try, KMI and Imtech as well as the companies you can see in our project pages.


We are the designated ‘preferred supplier’ for many of our customers.

The People

Our position as an innovative force in the waste water management industry is evident in the quality and expertise of our people, many of whom are globally renowned for their technical and industry expertise.


Wherever they are located in the world, our customers have the reassurance that comes from access to local teams of highly-skilled, experienced engineers, all of whom are committed to providing exceptional service.

Global Support and Advice

Our involvement in industry research, along with our understanding of customer needs, informs the design and development of new equipment and applications that improve water treatment equipment productivity.


In addition to providing expert support and advice, we are involved with globally renowned educational establishments, research organisations and national Government bodies in the development and production of insightful research on wastewater management issues, for example, our involvement with the Expoval project.

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By Email – By Phone 01604 742300

We are experts in running water and wastewater projects. See how we can help you.

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