Sep 28 2021

Back to Basics with TUBEdek can improve wastewater treatment, save water and money

Take the first step to saving money & water with TUBEdek


Effective industrial wastewater treatment starts with getting the basics right.  Take solids – particulates – removal, which takes place during the primary stage of wastewater treatment.  Sounds simple, right? But we know that efficient solids removal can be a challenge, especially in water-intensive process industries.  Getting it wrong can reduce overall treatment quality and waste money.


That’s why we designed our TUBEdek range of tubular lamella separators.


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Why Choose TUBEdek?


Because it’s better than more conventional systems at assisting the settlement process needed to remove particulates for example, solids, oils and dirt accumulated during the manufacturing process – prior to the stream being subjected to secondary treatment or denitrification.


TUBEdek delivers great results in water-intensive process industries which generate substantial quantities of high-strength effluent with high levels of suspended and dissolved solids, manufacturing residues and various organic residues including oil, fats and soil.  That includes industries such as food and beverages, soft drinks, brewing and distilling, oil refineries, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Designed to be Effective – and Cut Costs


TUBEdek is composed of profiles connected by a tongue and groove principle to form lamella modules which are, in simple terms, very shallow basins stacked one on top of the other.   As a result, TUBEdek offers more effective settling area, on a far smaller footprint, than easily blocked horizontal and more expensive, heavy plate settlers.


TUBEdek is also a more economical solution because it allows for use of multiple sedimentation plates within one tank thereby reducing the number, size and cost of the tanks required for any installation.


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No More Corrosion


TUBEdek can be produced in PolyVinylChloride (PVC) materials or from a neutral polypropylene (PP) material which is approved to DWI Schedule 31 standards and other worldwide specifications for use with potable water. Because TUBEdek is manufactured in plastic not metals, it’s resistant to chemical damage and corrosion.


Making an informed choice on the most appropriate products and processes is the key to reducing the cost of industrial wastewater treatment that delivers the results you want and long-term ROI.   Find out how 2H Water Technologies can help you cut costs, improve treatment quality and reliability and meet increasingly demanding consents by calling 01604 742300.

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