Apr 27 2021

Cut your carbon footprint, save money

Looking for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment with Guaranteed Results?


2H Water Technologies is as serious about the environment and sustainability as you are.


2H is committed to ensuring sustainability, and care for the environment, drives product design, our unique manufacturing methods and choice of materials. It’s also there in our low-mileage, low-carbon approach to delivery and installation.


Fine, but what’s in it for you, the customer? How about cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment plant and solutions that help you meet your regulatory, environmental and social responsibilities. You don’t have to take our word for it. The evidence is built into everything we do.


Reducing CO2 Starts with the Facts


Understanding the potential environmental impact – and cost – of industrial wastewater treatment is increasingly essential. But it’s never easy. While suppliers provide all sorts of “information”, it’s up to you to filter the facts from the sales pitch. We want customers to be confident they are making the most sustainable buying decision. That’s why we produced “Modular Plastic Media and the Environment”. It’s an easy-to-use guide which provides all the objective and verifiable data you need to compare the carbon cost of energy efficient Trickling Filters built from BIOdek modular plastic media with the environmental performance of alternative systems.


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Sustainability By Numbers


Did you know BIOdek Trickling Filters use 50-90% less energy (c. 0.21 kwh per kg of BOD removed) than activated sludge plants? Or that studies show a gravity fed Trickling Filter system has a carbon footprint (including construction and 25 years operation) that is 10% that of an activated sludge plant.


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If It Ain’t Broke ..


When the talk turns to “sustainability”, all too often, the focus immediately turns to innovation or even recycling. Something that involves change. However, when it comes to industrial wastewater treatment, extending the working lifetime of existing equipment is often the most sustainable approach. It’s the approach we took when an international food manufacturer came to us for help improving throughput at a one of its treatment plants. We designed a targeted and sustainable BIOdek solution which improved throughput and treatment quality whilst allowing the company to retain the reliable and low maintenance roughing filters.


We’re here to help you benefit from advances in technology, products and processes that deliver unrivalled treatment quality whilst minimising energy usage, carbon emissions and environmental impact. Find out how 2H Water Technologies can help you meet increasingly demanding consents – and cut costs by calling 01604 742300.

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