Jul 08 2021

Improving wastewater treatment will save money and the environment

Water management that benefits your business, your budget and the environment


Water is an essential, and increasingly expensive, element in any manufacturing process. It’s a simple equation: water costs, the more water you use, the more effluent you generate, the more you pay.


That’s why companies like yours are getting serious about water. To be truly effective, a water management strategy must underpin every stage of the production lifecycle, from reducing the amount of clean water you use, and this is important, to minimising the long-term effect of effluent you discharge into the local water environment.


2H Water Technologies’ effluent treatment solutions are guaranteed to help you meet consents, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions thereby saving money while helping you meet your company’s water management, environmental and sustainability goals.


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Good for business and the environment


Water stewardship combines effective water management with practical concern for the environment. Some of the best examples of water stewardship can be found in Scotland, in whisky distilleries like 2H Water Technologies’ customer, William Grant’s distillery producing Glenfiddich whisky in Banffshire, where effective water management involves maintaining the purity of local rivers which provide the primary ingredient – water – and destination for a constant flow of discharged effluent.


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Treat, Reuse, Save Water – and Money


Cleaning accounts for a significant proportion of industrial water usage. But here’s the thing, using fresh water for cleaning is wasteful and expensive. 2H Water Technologies is working with customers in the brewing industry to find ways of re-using treated effluent streams for a range of facilities and equipment cleaning applications.


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Reliability Is The Key


Attention to detail is just as important as a sophisticated strategy in delivering efficient and cost-effective water management.


Updating, refurbishing or replacing a failing or outdated effluent treatment plant will ensure your plant is reliable and operates at peak productivity.


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Effective water management starts with your choice of supplier. By choosing 2H Water Technologies, you’ll have all the support and advice you need to make an informed choice on the most appropriate combination of products and processes.


Find out how 2H Water Technologies can help you cut costs, improve treatment quality and reliability and meet increasingly demanding consents by calling 01604 742300.

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