A Procurement Guide to Industrial Effluent Treatment

A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free, Successful Industrial Effluent Treatment

A Procurement Guide to Industrial Effluent Treatment

When a leading manufacturer had problems with its industrial effluent treatment plant, the company thought it had found a solution in a Trickling Filter purchased from a municipal water treatment contractor. It hadn’t. The manufacturer realised it had wasted money when the Trickling Filter didn’t deliver – and that’s when they turned to 2H Water Technologies.


That’s a true story – and it’s not unusual. When you’re short on time, buying new plant from a reputable supplier can seem like a good idea. But if you don’t spend time investigating and understanding what’s causing the problem, you can’t make an informed and effective buying decision.


Based on over three decades’ experience helping customers understand their industrial effluent treatment needs, our easy-to-use Industrial Effluent/Wastewater Treatment Procurement Guide is designed to help you take control of the procurement process.  It’ll help you make a fully informed, cost-effective buying decision that meets all your effluent treatment objectives.


The Guide provides step-by-step information on advice on how best to approach the earliest – and most important – stages of the procurement journey; from defining what success means to you, your project and your company and mapping out a game plan to identifying the people who need to be involved in the process.


Take control of industrial effluent treatment procurement by downloading your copy of 2H Water Technologies’ Industrial Effluent Treatment Procurement Guide.

DOWNLOAD – Industrial Effluent Treatment Procurement Guide

A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free, Successful Industrial Effluent Treatment



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