2H offers a cost-effective customised Six Step treatment solution for your unique Industrial process and effluent

Our approach can streamline and simplify the process to achieve an effective effluent treatment system that delivers maximum return on investment. It also reflects the standards of best practice we believe customers should expect from any effluent treatment supplier. Read More ..

Choosing the right industrial effluent treatment will ensure you are running the plant as cost effectively as possible.

A 2H solution is purpose-built to help industrial wastewater treatment plant managers comply with discharge consent conditions, minimise environmental pollution and reduce costs.

Our Plastic Media is used to treat effluent water in a number of applications, typically Trickling Filters, but also submerged aerated filters, all providing a surface area for biological treatment of your industrial effluent water.

Our Industrial Solutions

Our Plastic Fill, with its larger surface area and choice of cross or vertical flow patterned fill design, is built to maximize processing efficiency and is perfectly suited for use in a high-pressure Industrial environment.

Lamella Settlement
Media Support
Mass Transfer

Our Industrial Projects

Take a look at some of our recent Industrial projects.

Breweries and Distilleries

For 25 years, 2H Water Technologies has been helping brewers and distillers improve wastewater treatment quality and productivity with customised solutions that meet even the most complex combination of operational, treatment and environmental demands. Take a look at some of the ways we can help.


Improving treatment quality and capacity


Achieving compliant and sustainable Distillery wastewater treatment

Industrial Products

We offer continually updated products and equipment that deliver measurable results.

Our core product ranges – BIOdek, TUBEdek and GEOdek – are easy-to-use, cost effective, energy-efficient and reliable.

Vertical Flow Fills (BIOdek)

Vertical Flow Small

Used in Wastewater treatment and Cooling Tower applications. Features high resistance to erosion and has a long service life.

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Cross-Fluted Fills (BIOdek)

Cross Fluted Small

Used in Wastewater treatment and Cooling Tower applications. Features high resistance to erosion and has a long service life.

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Tube Settlers (TUBEdek)

Tube Settlers Small

Used in Potable and Process water and Wastewater applications. Flexible dimensions – can be adapted to all shapes and inclinations.

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Splash/Trickle Fills

Splash Trickle Small

Used in Wastewater treatment, Cooling Towers and Mass Transfer applications. High security against blockages and environmentally friendly.

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Trickling Filter Technology

A development of different kinds of plastic media to provide a modern and attractive process for denitrification and carbonaceous applications.

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Mist Eliminators

Drift Mist Eliminators

Used in for Mass Transfer / Gas Purification applications. Features high separation efficiency and low pressure drop due to the product design.

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Equiflo Rotary Distributor

Optimized over more than 30 years, the technology of our Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters is based on simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

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Media Support Systems


2H has developed two new Trickling Filter tank support systems that deliver greater resistance to corrosion and better drainage.

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