Media Matters

Why it’s good to ‘try before you buy’

A water management system is only as good as the quality of the basic building blocks – the media from which it’s created.

Sample the outstanding quality of our media

Here at 2H, we pride ourselves on the quality of our media. We’re always happy to provide customers with samples and actively encourage them to experience the outstanding quality and performance of our media, particularly in terms of strength and flexibility.


However, it would be unrealistic to expect every supplier’s products to be of the
same consistently high standard.

We recommend running a few simple tests

Rather than take the chance of wasting money on substandard media, we’d strongly recommend you subject any media you’re planning to buy to a few simple tests:


•  Start by looking at the media from all angles. What’s your  first impression?
Well-made and sturdy? Or can you detect obvious flaws?
•  Check/measure the depth.
•  Handling is important. How does the media feel?
Robust yet flexible? Or paper thin, inflexible and fragile?
•  Try to tear the media.  If it rips easily, that’s a problem.
•  Stand on it.  Are you confident that it can be used to create a strong yet
flexible structure capable of withstanding, at the very least, the weight
of engineers and maintenance crews?

Check the weight of the media when received

We also advise customers to check the actual weight of media delivered against the amount detailed in the specification/quote.


Mistakes can be made along the way and you can save a lot of time and money by identifying shortfalls before commencing work on build and installation.

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