Nov 08 2021

Size Is No Object To Effective Wastewater Treatment

Compact, flexible, mobile and effective wastewater treatment


As the BBC recently reported, environmentalists, and importantly, the UK government are concerned by growing evidence of potentially disastrous pollution caused by discharging the untreated contents of septic tanks into rivers and lakes.


The laws regulating the disposal of septic tank waste have changed with the onus on current users and operators of septic tanks to ensure they’re complying with the new environmental legislation.


In many cases, users and operators will find this entails replacing septic tanks with different, effective and compliant method of wastewater treatment.  A sensible solution is to replace these with new small sewage treatment plant or package treatment plant.


Many of the OEM’s who build these use 2H BIOdek and TUBEdek products in their units as this offers a choice of treatment process within the package plant.


BIOdek, with its high surface area, can be utilised using either the Trickling Filter system or submerged in the influent with air pumped through for the alternative aeration system. These are tried and tested biological sewage treatment processes.


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Effective Wastewater Treatment Comes In All Sizes


In most package plants, settlement zones are provided either side of the process to remove solids from the incoming wastewater and settle the suspended sludge created as the by-product from the biological treatment process.


This solids settlement process can be achieved more efficiently with the installation of TUBEdek in the settlement zones. The tongue and grove assembly of the TUBEdek profiles allows versatility in the size of modules adapting to the compact nature of package plants.


Once assembled the uniform, chevron pattern of the TUBEdek encourages laminar flow to achieve extremely efficient solids settling. With TUBEdek lamella separators, smaller settlement areas may be achieved whilst treating a higher flowrate.


We offer the OEM the opportunity to provide customers with their ideal replacement complete with all the advantages of 2H BIOdek and TUBEdek in a practical, compact and effective solution.


All the Benefits of BIOdek


Small package treatment plants fitted with BIOdek and TUBEdek modular plastic media are:

  •  cost-effective
  •  energy-efficient
  •  low maintenance
  •  reliable
  •  sustainable

and a solution that delivers proven results.


Because BIOdek and TUBEdek media comes in adaptable sizes, solutions can be created that fit into almost available space on site. Also please note, that the TUBEdek range includes DWI certified Lamella Separation Tubular Settlers for every potable water application.


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If you want to know more about using BIOdek or TUBEdek media to create compact units or need advice on meeting your customers’ wastewater treatment challenges, 2H is here to help. Call 2H today on 01604 742300.

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