Our Advantage

2H offers a powerful combination of design expertise, best-in-class products and technologies and unrivalled experience working with clients in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

2H has a proven track record of delivering purpose built solutions that help clients in all areas of the industry – Municipal, Industrial and Cooling Towers – achieve their operational and business objectives.

A working partnership with 2H is a different, more productive experience. Every client gets our full attention and a purpose-built system that delivers because it’s designed with intelligence and insight to include precisely the right combination of products and processes.


For more than three decades, 2H Water Technologies has been designing, manufacturing and installing water and wastewater treatment equipment and applications that deliver measurable results for many thousands of customers across the world.


Today, our customised installations are in operation at over 500 sites in the UK – and numerous sites worldwide – helping customers improve productivity and meet the increasingly rigorous standards demanded of wastewater treatment works.

Intelligent Design

We create purpose built solutions that will help you meet your operational and business needs.

We believe that a solution has to be designed – that is purpose-built for each client using the most suitable choice of media, in exactly the right combination, to deliver the client’s objectives.


Our extensive design and operational experience ensures the application complies with effluent discharge standards, is reliable and provides maximum long-term value.

Our Expertise

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing water technologies for over three decades.

When you work with 2H, you’re tapping into unrivalled experience and expertise gained over more than 30 years delivering best-in-class wastewater treatment solutions.


We are the only supplier with the breadth and depth of expertise needed to offer customers a comprehensive, expert service – process design expertise, consultancy and practical support – at every stage of a wastewater management solution’s lifecycle from design through installation and operation.

Continued Innovation

We invest heavily in Research & Development to provide you with continually updated equipment and applications that set new standards in water treatment productivity.


Our customers benefit from the technology and process advances pioneered by one of the industry’s leading and best funded R&D resources.


We are regularly called upon to work with academic, government and other influential organisations on research programmes – such as the EXPOVAL project  that establish new procedures, processes and standards for water and waste water treatment.

Improved Efficiency

We design and build customised solutions that improve productivity and energy efficiency. Our solutions deliver because they are purpose-built with exactly the right combination of products and processes, to suit the technical specification of any application from installing new plant to refurbishing or replacing existing equipment.

Our solutions deliver:

  • Lower operational energy demand throughout the lifetime of an installation
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Effluent quality that beats the original standards – and meets future consents
  • Reliability
  • Simple management and control
Measured Results

Our solutions can provide measurable long term ROI in most industrial and municipal applications.

We offer continually updated products and equipment that deliver measurable results – and long-term ROI – in most industrial and municipal applications. Our core product ranges – BIOdek, TUBEdek, PIERdek, PLASdek and GEOdek – are easy-to-use, cost effective, energy-efficient and reliable.


Our unique design capabilities and experience combine in the delivery of customised solutions that provide measurable improvements in productivity and effluent quality with minimum energy requirement and a reduced carbon footprint.

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