Product Profile

2H Air Inlet Louvres

Reduce CoolingTower Emissions

2H air inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower. At the same time they restrict the amount of sunlight and thus reduce algae growth.


2H air inlet louvres are made of PP and PVC which grants a high durability and a long service life. For regions with high insolation we offer the white colored louvres type DLPWE 065.


Of course flame retardant executions are available.

Features of our 2H Air lnlet Louvres:


•  Suitable for cross- and counter-flow cooling towers

•  Low pressure drop

•  High stability

•  Flexibility in material and dimensions facilitates adaptation to plant requirements

2H air inlet louvres sustainably improve the emissions from evaporative cooling towers. They reduce noise emissions and minimize loss of water treatment chemicals in connection with the usual water splash-out. In winter times, they impede possible formation of ice. Additionally they prevent unwanted elements such as leaves to enter the cooling circuit.

Technical Data

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