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Anti-Legionella Fills for Cooling Towers

2H SANIPACKING® fills  and  drift  eliminators reliably  prevent  the  growth  of  bacteria  and  therefore contribute  toward  minimizing  the  risk  of  legionella  infections.  A  synthetic  material  especially  developed  for  application  in  wet  cooling  towers  enables  these  benefits.  This  material,  provided  with  additives,  inhibits  cell  growth  and,  in  turn, the  proliferation  of  bacteria.


2H  SANIPACKING® fills  also  prevent  colonization  of  the  fill  surface  by  the  microbe  Pseudomonas  aeruginosa,  the  species  most  frequently  found  in  the  biofilm  of  industrial  cooling  water. 

Features of our 2H NET 150 SANIPACKING® Fills:


• Antimicrobial additive in the synthetic material

• Prevention of cell growth and of proliferation of bacteria

• Inhibition ofthe legionellae pneumophiliaand Pseudomonas aeruginosa

2H SANIPACKING® fill media impair the growth of Legio-nella pneumophila and other bacteria in open cooling circuits. They provide good leach and wash resistance. Under normal conditions this effect lasts for a minimum three to five years. As the fill media does not contain any heavy metals or arsenic they are safe to man and the environment.

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