Product Profile

2H PLASdek® Cross-Fluted Fills

Efficient Water Cooling in Cooling Towers

In the manufacturing process we developed the foils are reinforced at the outer edges and in the middle and are therefore very stable. This makes our film fill media extraordinarily resistant to erosion.


Our unique welding method connects the single foils with up to 20.000 welding points per m3. This high number of connections results in robust packings with high mechanical load capacity.


Bearing capacity and weight/m3 depend on sheet thickness. It will be selected according to customer specification in consideration of process conditions and safety factors for temperatures, lifetime and material properties. Our experts recommend solutions for the support structure on request.

Features of our 2H PLASdek® Cross-Fluted Fills:


•  High resistance to erosion provided by patented foil thickness distribution and reinforced edges

•  Self-supporting structure – High bearing capacity achieved by large number of connecting points and variable sheet thickness

•  Flexibility in material and dimensions makes adaptation to plant requirements easy

•  Long service life due to chemical, bacterial and UV resistance of PP and PVC

•  Easy and economical installation

Excellent heat and mass transfer due to the high mixing turbulences by the cross-fluted structure – that’s what you get from 2H PLASdek® cross-fluted fills. With their high specific surface areas they achieve highly efficient water cooling at low pressure drops.

Technical Data

Maximum tolerances:  On all dimensions +/- 20 mm or 2 % whichever is the greater. Other tolerances and dimensions by prior agreement.

Maximum application temperature:  The operational temperature should be measured at the inlet pipe of the system andshould not exceed the maximum temperature stated in this document.

High temperature applications:  Fill media in high-temperature version in PVC (up to 75 °C) and PP (up to 100 °C) available on request.

PVC material: Unplasticized (uPVC)

PP material: Impact-resistant, environmentally friendly

PVC and PP material: Resistant to rot, fungi and most dissolved chemicals, UV-stabilized

Flammability: Products in flame retardant version according to American and European standards available on request.

National regulations on fire protection should be taken into consideration before choosing a product.

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