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2H BIOdek® Cross-Fluted Fills

For Biological Processes in Water and Waste Water Treatment

2H BIOdek® cross-fluted fills are designed for high efficiency and for meeting high effluent standards. Adjusted to the application, a variety of flute sizes between 8 and 38 mm provides sufficient space for biofilm growth. For nitrification and other applications with thin biofilms a high specific surface enables the construction of compact plants.


Freely selectable sheet thicknesses allow the production of 2H BIOdek® fills which bear any weight load occurring in sewage treatment and which achieve any design life.


2H BIOdek® is resistant against rot, fungi and most chemicals. UV protection additives are part of the compounds. With our unique welding process fills can be assembled anywhere in the world environmentally friendly, safe and avoiding the use of solvents.

Features of our 2H BIOdek® Cross-Fluted Fills:


•  Optimum structures in terms of process engineering

•  Premium quality materials for high quality requirements

•  Easy and reliable on-site welding technology

•  Freely selectable foil thickness for high bearing loads

•  No memory effect

•  Environmental friendly, impact and age resistant PP (PVC optional)

2H BIOdek® cross-fluted fills achieve best effluent values of biological sewage plants. Our customers profit from our experience gained by equipping hundreds of water treatment plants. We will be happy to support you in designing highly efficient and energy saving trickling filters or submerged bed reactors.

Technical Data

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