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2H Drift Eliminators

Reducing Water Loss and Emissions



We have added 2 new blade type drift eliminators TAP 155 & TAC155 to our TA range. These are general supplied flat packed, suitable for on-site assembly to reduce transportation volumes.


The new drift eliminators design has been optimised to produce a more compact PP profile with increased spacing between blades. This results in less material being needed to cover a given area without compromising performance. Plus, once assembled the eliminator is also wider, thus reducing the number of modules that require installing. And they are now also available in PVC.

TAP 155 & TAC155

Modern re-cooling systems need to consider aspects of the environment and sustainability. For cooling towers this means it is important to reduce the loss of water and emissions. Therefore drift eliminators are used.


They are installed above the water distribution and cooling fills and catch the water drops that are carried with the air flow and redirects them into the cooling water circuit.


2H drift eliminators are available in two different types. The profile is mostly used in larger applications, the module types in smaller cooling towers.

Features of our 2H Drift Eliminators:


•  High separation efficiency due to product design

•  Low pressure drop

•  Flexibility in dimensions: adaptable to plant requirements according to customer request

•  Quick and economical installation

2H Drift Eliminators reduce water loss and emissions. The chemical and UV resistance of the PP and PVC material ensures a long service life. 2H Drift Eliminators types TEP and TAP are made of PP which remains stable and maintains its shape even under high temperatures. The certification by EUROVENT, an independent inspection authority, proves the high efficiency of 2H Drift Eliminators.

Technical Data – TAP 160

Maximum tolerances: On all dimensions +/- 20 mm or 2 % whichever is the greater. Other tolerances and dimensions by prior agreement.


*High temperature applications: Drift eliminators in high temperature version in PVC (up to 70 °C) and PP (up to 95 °C) available on request. Support distance should be decreased at higher service temperatures.


** PVC available on request.

*These values base on the CTI ATC-140 test method (Isokinetic Drift Test Code) and are to be understood as guideline values only. The performance of the Drift Eliminator is indicated by the ratio drift loss/water flow rate (in % of the circulating water volume). These guideline values base on measurements with a rain density of 20 m³/m²h and an approximate medium air velocity of 3 m/s. To achieve these values, an absolutely tight assembly of drift eliminator elements to each other, to the housing wall and to any openings is required. The face velocity must not be exceeded at any point of the drift eliminator.


Flammability: Products in flame retardant version according to American and European standards available on request. National regulations on fire protection should be taken into consideration before choosing a product.


Support structure: Recommendation for optimum solution for each application available on request.

Technical Data – TAP 155

Technical Data – TAC 155

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