Product Profile

Low Fouling Vertical Flow Fills


Improved low fouling design

Advanced operation reliability

Optimised pressure drop

Self-cleaning design

Extended service life

Vertical  Flow  Fill  Pack
KV619  CLEANdek


CLEANdek KV619 Vertical Flow Fill Pack combines consistent thermal performance with an anti‐fouling flute design.  The vertical fill pack is ideal for  use in industrial process applications in which the water quality is poor or there  are other contaminants,  or  example, in a food processing or chemical  plant.
CLEANdek foils incorporate a specially engineered microstructure to generate the
optimum water film distribution needed for efficient cooling.  The  open flute configuration has a low pressure drop characteristic and produces the higher water velocities needed to reduce clogging and create an anti-fouling environment.
CLEANdek KV619 Cooling  Tower Vertical  Flow Fill Packs are manufactured in the 2H way:
•  Availability in uPVC or PP materials and in various pack weights from 20kg/m3 to 65kg/m3 to suit specific project requirements.
•  Direct extrusion processing that eliminates the ‘memory  effect’: CLEANdek foils are manufactured using 2H’s patented  ‘direct extrusion’ method formed directly from the original molten mass.  The customer receives a ‘stress‐free’ product that will retain its shape both during the installation phase and throughout its operational life.
•  Environmentally safe, robust construction without solvents and adhesives:  CLEANdek foils are thermally welded without the use of adhesives or solvents. As a result, CLEANdek foils are free from solvent and are not susceptible to hydrolysis, which can dissolve adhesive contact points.
•  Increased foil strength where it is required at bond points and pack edges.
•  Options on Certification to various European and USA fire standards.
Help with Making the Right Product Choices
2H provides thermal performance charts and pressure drop curves for all Cooling
Tower Fill Packs. Customers can also take advantage of 2H’s in‐house design software during the selection process.
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