Product Profile

Spray Nozzles

SPN Series

Optimum water distribution

Optimum water distribution Full cone nozzle with maximum spray angle of 120°

Low clogging and scaling tendency

Due to smooth surface design

Constant self cleaning

By high turbulence in the nozzle body

Easy installation onto the piping system

Due to BSP thread and hexagon body design

High resistance to a large range of chemicals

Nozzles are made of glass reinforced polyamide (nylon)

Technical Data

Typical Applications

Flow Diagram

General Remarks


  • Axial nozzle is designed as complete cone spiral nozzle which consists of a casing and an insert.
  • After correct assembly the nozzle distributes the water with a spray angle of 120°.
  • The water flow rate depends on the operational pressure.
  • The arrangement in the plant, i.e. nozzle distance and height, is dependent on the respective plant design.
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