Product Profile

2H TUBEdek® Tube Settlers

For Efficient Sedimentation Processes

The equidistant settling areas of 2H TUBEdek® clearly define the length of the settling path and allow to reliably determine the settling performance. Chevron-shaped channels facilitate the sludge removal. As 2H TUBEdek® does not require obstructive frames and massive supports, there is no need to use metallic material, a great advantage for corrosive applications like, for example, sea water.


Our customers profit from our experience gained by equipping hundreds of plants. Our aim is the optimum design of the tanks connected to an economic concept of the supporting structure and the launders. Those are made of GRP or stainless steel and fulfill various requirements with regard to temperature and corrosion.


References even in remote regions of the world confirm the process advantages of 2H TUBEdek®. Delivered as profile, it just needs a tenth of the transport volume of a module. These are easily and trouble-free assembled on site.

Features of our 2H TUBEdek® Lamella Clarifiers:


•  Optimal process features by free selection of shape, inclination, channel length and module dimensions

•  Made from PP it fulfills all drinking water requirements like e.g. NSF, KTW, ACS, DWI 31

•  Stable and persistent due to tongue and groove system

•  Made from premium material meeting high quality requirements

•  Worldwide delivery thanks to easy and reliable on-site module-assembly

•  Robust in operation and maintenance

Design and stability of the 2H TUBEdek® lamellas focus on high customer benefit. The variable size of the modules permits the utilization of any settling tank to 100 percent. Even round clarifiers can be equipped without dead zones. The tongue and grove system achieves a strong connection of the modules – especially important for maintenance purposes – and enables cutting and cutouts. 2H TUBEdek® fulfills all customers’ requirements for the equipment of settling basins with lamella clarifiers in a convincing manner.

Technical Data

Sedimentation area:  Defined as horizontal projection of the 2H TUBEdek® surface per m3. To be multiplied by the module height to get the sedimentation area per m2 of footprint area.

Module-Design:  Standard form is rhomboid. For heights larger than 2m please contact us. Cutting for circular tank and cut-outs depend on locally available type of cutting equipment. Please contact us.

Anti-flotation restraints:  Tube settlers made of Polypropylene must have restraints against flotation, which we can provide as well.

Support:  For the equipment of large tanks, we can supply special GRP or stainless steel supports for optimized module dimensions and support layouts.

Load to supports:  When designing the supports the operational load has to be added to the product weight (Recommendation: min 50 kg/m3, for waste water up to 200 kg/m3).

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