Equiflo Rotary Distributor

Uniquely different and better – by design

Equiflo is as good as it gets: innovative yet practical,
durable and reliable.


Flexible, intelligent design plus 2H Water Technologies’ experience, industry expertise and customisation skills make

Equiflo trickling filter rotary distributors the ideal choice for any industrial or municipal wastewater treatment application.

Equiflo has many advantages

  •  Drive motor mounted on top of distributor:  motor is mounted well above the wetted area of the filter so remains dry and free from problems
  •  Drive motor is direct drive:  no requirement for air service or belt drive system required
  •  Drive motor automatic disengage:  disengage system for motor failure is a simple mechanical by-pass
  •  Splash Plate application:  creates a curtain effect to ensure all the media contributes to the process
  •  Proof of curtain effect:  pan test as part of final installation set up
  •  Adjustable plate installation:  simplifies the civil requirements and accurate distributor levelling
  •  Open Trough Arms:  not prone to blockage like tubular arms with nozzles
  •  Manufactured in Stainless Steel:  ensures distributor life is minimum 25 years
  •  Top mounted main bearing:  allows changing with just support from the distributor support column
  •  Motor removing davit:  the removable davit lifts motor and lowers to ground without a crane

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