Six Steps to Success

2H has a unique approach to designing, building and installing effluent treatment solution which ensures the project delivers exactly what’s outlined in our original specification.

The Six Step Process provides a detailed map, incorporating a series of integrated steps complete with milestones, of a project journey from the initial idea to implementation and measurable results.


Each step in the process is informed by:


1) knowledge gained from an investigation and analysis of your factory or plant’s current situation, challenges and requirements

2) lessons learned in the previous step

To see how this works in practice,  take a look at this Pilot Trial story



Before we propose any sort of solution, we assess:


  • the current quality of your effluent and level of treatment required
  • more about composition of the effluent – for example, the volume and “levels” of Suspended Solids and other contaminants plus COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)



We start with the basics:  is a new build required or would an upgrade deliver the required results?  We also consider operational objectives, do you want to increase load and/or meet tighter discharge consents? 


We then calculate the mix, function size and weight of products to deliver optimum performance, meet effluent compliance standards and minimise energy requirements. And then we  produce a detailed installation plan.



We use a scaled-down pilot plant to test our recommended solution under conditions that mirror real world conditions and challenges


Because the pilot is conducted in isolation, it doesn’t impede day-to-day operations.



The results demonstrate how well the system operates and prove the solution will deliver the level of treatment required.



We don’t believe suppliers should hide any justifiable costs, nor spring additional expense on customers.  So we don’t.



We’re ready to install a design we’ve proved will deliver. 2H’s partnership with the customer doesn’t end after implementation. We’re always there to help manage and monitor the plant to ensure consistent, high quality performance.

So, that’s the six, simple steps. Constant evaluation is essential throughout the six step process and that’s why it’s important to review performance during every stage of the process.


And, finally, there’s the question of budget. We’re careful to monitor and assess costs throughout a project, not least because we know that, in the end, a truly successful installation is defined by the ROI – meeting or exceeding treatment requirements.


When you come to us for help, we help you to feel confident about what’s going on at every stage of the project.

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