Aug 04 2021

Smart Collaboration Delivers European Cooling Tower Success

Collaboration delivers total customer satisfaction – and reduced carbon emissions!


What makes a successful cooling tower project?


For SPX (SPX Cooling Technologies Inc.) “success” means delivering a complete solution that ensures total customer satisfaction.


When SPX commissioned ENEXIO 2H Water Technologies (2H) to supply the fill media for a new cooling tower in Hungary, we devised, and delivered, a solution that not only met the client’s operational objectives but kept costs down, and minimised the project’s environmental impact, with a smart, collaborative approach to supply-chain and delivery logistics.


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Success Starts with the Correct Fill Media


Choosing the correct type of fill media, in the correct quantity and configuration, is key to the effective cooling tower performance. We designed, delivered and installed a combination of 2H media fill products that met SPX’s, and the client’s performance requirements. The 2H media fill products also met SPX’s demands for exceptional quality, reliability and price.


Innovation and Choice = Optimum Performance


2H has the industry’s widest and most innovative range of fill pack solutions for all water qualities in almost any industrial and power generation applications. Choose from the different structures and surfaces offered by our core product ranges – PLASdek, CLEANdek and NET 150 – to ensure optimum performance for every application in any cooling tower design.


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Reduce Transport Miles, Emissions and Costs


Transporting products across Europe is potentially expensive. And the resulting carbon emissions can play havoc with your environmental performance! With the collaboration and support of ENEXIO 2H in Germany and the Czech Republic, we reduced the transportation miles, cost and overall carbon emissions associated with delivering the fill packs to the client’s site in Hungary.


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We know that every cooling tower client has its own unique challenges, from improving cooling tower efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and cutting costs. All while reducing carbon emissions and minimising environmental impact.


And we can help. With over 30 years’ experience and a comprehensive product range continually updated via one of the industry’s best funded R&D resources, 2H will help you solve your customer’s trickiest cooling tower challenges.


Need help choosing and configuring fill packs? Call 2H today on 01604 742300.

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