Jun 08 2021

Stop flushing money and your profits down the drain

Every process manufacturing industry is under the same financial pressure from food and beverages, soft drinks, brewing and distilling to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. And yet relatively few companies have implemented KPIs for water management.


An increasing number of companies include water management in KPIs focused on their environmental or sustainability strategies. But this type of KPI isn’t designed to help you reduce
the financial burden of your approach to water and wastewater management.


That’s not to say companies like yours aren’t continually looking for clever ways of paring back the operating cost of water management. They are but the challenge is finding ways of securing significant and measurable savings at the same time as improving wastewater treatment productivity and reliability.


This is where 2H Water Technologies can help.

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Reduce Energy, Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact


Process manufacturing industries consume – and waste – huge amounts of water. Consumption comes at a cost. For example, in the food and beverage industry, water accounts for around 22% of operating costs.


Now, think about the cost of treating the 80% of all water used in process manufacturing which is discharged as wastewater. Put it this way, ineffective wastewater treatment doesn’t come cheap.


Whatever your industry, improving the operational performance and reliability of wastewater treatment will generate significant financial savings.


The benefits don’t stop there. Updating, refurbishing or replacing failing or outdated wastewater treatment plant will reduce energy costs, your production facility’s carbon footprint and its environmental impact.


Find out how 2H’s expertise and experience in your industry sector will help you improve wastewater treatment and save money.

Food Processing





Soft Drinks


We’ll Help you Make the Right Choice – and Save Money


Making an informed choice on the most appropriate combination of products and processes is the key to reducing the cost of effective wastewater treatment– and securing long-term ROI. 2H Water Technologies is here to help. We have over 30 years’ experience helping clients in many different process manufacturing industries including – brewing and distilleries, food and beverages, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals and chemicals – take control and cut the cost of effective and sustainable wastewater treatment.


You can have the best of both worlds: effective and sustainable wastewater treatment AND save money. Call 2H TODAY – 01604 742300

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