Sustainability Through Innovation

Sustainability Comes As Standard


We’re committed to helping our customers meet their regulatory, environmental and social responsibilities at the same time as improving operational performance and treatment quality.

Sustainability is an integral element in everything we do.


We’re continually investing in innovation to ensure our customers benefit from advances in technology, products and processes that minimise energy usage, carbon emissions and environmental impact.


Our industry-leading R&D resource creates low-energy products and solutions which improve productivity and reduce energy use and carbon emissions.


Our investment in innovation benefits customers and the environment. For example, BIOdek Trickling Filters use 50-90% less energy than activated sludge plants.


We’re proud of our unique approach to energy-conscious, glue and solvent free manufacturing processes which is low on carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Unique Recyclable Products


We never compromise on the quality of the materials we use. We invest in low-energy products and solutions, an increasing number of which, including our market-leading BIOdek structured plastic media, can be recycled.


All our structured plastic media products are uniquely made with a combination of virgin and recycled plastics to provide high quality product with exceptional load bearing capabilities.


Our concern for sustainability and the effect we, and our customers, have on the environment doesn’t stop at the factory door. We’ve worked hard to ensure the environmental cost of delivering and installing our solutions is as low as possible, for example, by reducing the number and length of trips needed to deliver media for onsite build and installation.

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