Dec 08 2021

It’s nearly 2022. Time to take Net Zero Seriously

Are you Ready to Help Your Customers Achieve Net Zero Cooling Tower Operation?


In 2022, the drive to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions will move from an environmental talking point to a business imperative.


Cutting energy use and reducing carbon emissions is nothing new for your cooling tower customers. Every operator has a sustainability strategy and emissions reduction targets.


But, with new regulations promised at a national, regional and industry sector level, cooling tower operators will be under pressure to turn promises into action and deliver measurable reductions.


The road to Net Zero will be a step-by-step process in which every decision they make – from the type of cooling tower, to choosing and configuring the most effective combination of products such as fill packs, drift eliminators and air inlet louvres – will make a measurable difference – and take your customers closer to achieving Net Zero.


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Choose Evaporative Cooling for the Lowest CO2 Footprint


Let’s start with the basics. Wet – otherwise known as evaporative – cooling towers have the lowest year-round carbon (CO2) footprint. That’s a fact proven by a two-year long project conducted by Eurovent, Europe’s Industry Association for process cooling, indoor climate and cold chain technologies.


The project involved a “robust simulation” which proved a “highly efficient evaporative cooling system” produced less CO2 than a dry cooling solution. According to Eurovent, “This project eliminates the challenge that every end-user, designer and legislator faces when they want to truly understand the CO2 emission reduction potential of evaporative cooling.”


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Efficient Operation Reduces Carbon Emissions


Efficient cooling tower operation is the key to minimising energy use – and waste – and reducing carbon emissions. 2H’s pre-sales support programme provides all the help you need, such as thermal performance charts and pressure drop curves, to help you choose and configure fill packs for any application or water quality.

Our partners can also take advantage of our in-house design expertise.


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The Most Effective Fill Pack for Every Application



2H offers the industry’s widest and most innovative range of fill pack solutions for all water qualities in almost any industrial and power generation applications. You can choose from the different structures and surfaces offered by our core product ranges – CLEANdek, PLASdek, and NET 150 – to ensure your customers benefit from the most effective, low-energy, low carbon emission cooling tower performance.

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Why not take advantage of 2H’s unique experience and expertise to help you help your cooling tower customers improve efficiency, cut water and energy consumption and deliver the measurable reductions in carbon emissions that take them closer to Net Zero?

Contact us today to discuss your next Cooling Tower project. Call 2H today on 01604 742300.

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