Sedimentation Tank

 A compact, low-maintenance and adaptable modular tank for use in a wide range of municipal and industrial process water treatment application.


The TUBEdek range of lamella separators allows you to build a customized and cost-effective solution that makes the most of all available space, meets all your process and operational requirements – and guarantees you get the results you want.


The range includes the SK Sedimentation Tank, a free-standing mobile unit which provides all the processing performance of TUBEdek’s unique tubular settlement technology in a compact, low-maintenance and highly adaptable modular tank.


The SK Sedimentation Tank combines a mighty processing punch with a minimal footprint.   The units come in a choice of innovative circular (SKR) or square (SKT) tanks, the largest of which takes up 90 per cent less floor space than a standard sedimentation tank.


Individual units can be connected – either in series or parallel – to create a bespoke system that not only provides more capacity for increased treatment/flow but also makes the most of all available space.  Because they’re designed to integrate easily with almost any legacy set-up, TUBEdek free-standing units offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to underperforming or overloaded systems.


Transportation costs are low and the installation process, which only requires a fork-lift or crane, is simple and inexpensive.


The compact size and modular construction means TUBEdek free-standing units reduce the complexity and expense associated with upgrading sedimentation tanks in locations where space is limited or, as in many industrial settings, not readily accessible.


TUBEdek free standing lamella separators are ideal for use in a wide range of municipal and industrial process water treatment applications including potable water.


  • All the benefits of TUBEdek in a compact, free-standing unit
    • Better separation performance than parallel plates
  • Total design and configuration flexibility
    • Choice of size and format – rectangular (SKT) or round (SKR)
  • Precise co-ordination of surface areas and volumes
  • Optimised flow dynamics
  • Low energy consumption: sludge drainage is achieved through hydrostatic pressure rather than power-hungry pumps
  • Tiny footprint allows you to make the most of all available space
  • Modular construction for easy connection and upgrades
  • Lightweight yet robust – easy to transport
  • Simple, cost-effective installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to transport and relocate


TUBEdek free-standing, mobile lamella separators are housed in our robust yet lightweight SK Sedimentation tanks built from long-lasting plastic or stainless steel.  For applications such as potable water, we can supply free-standing units in stainless steel with DWI approved TUBEdek media. The tanks are also available in GRP and mild steel.

The free-standing units are available in 13 different standard types with settling areas between 2-22m₂ and flow rates ranging from range of 2 – 70m3/hr. The units are designed to allow key features to be adapted to suit project requirements including:

  • Tank format – circular/square – and size
  • Projected sedimentation
  • TUBEdek media (type and configuration)
  • Flange size of inlet, outlet and sludge drain


Free-standing TUBEdek lamella separators are constructed to provide four zones of treatment:


  • Inlet
  • Thickening and sludge accumulation zone
  • Separation zone with TUBEdek lamellas
  • Clarified water zone with launders or pipes

The sedimentation process is based on the proven counter-flow principle.   The innovative design calms the influent stream, achieves a uniform flow in the lamellas and facilitates sludge concentration in the hopper.


  • The influent enters the unit from opposite sides.
  • While it’s in the influent sector, the incoming flow is slowed-down, descends, accumulates and thickens
  • Then rises up through the TUBEdek lamellas
  • The solids settle on the lamella plates before sliding down to the sludge collection hopper
  • The clear phase rises and is collected in the launders

TUBEdek free-standing lamella separators can be supplied in various configurations with plate distances that can be adjusted to prvent surface turbulence while processing dense or voluminous feed sludges and even abrasive solid particles.


The free-standing TUBdek units operate without flocculants or flocculation aids.  However, if required, an application-specific flocculation device plus peripherals can be integrated into individual units.


Sludge drainage is achieved through hydrostatic pressure rather than energy-hungry pumps




  1. Flocculation Tank with agitation
  2. SKT/SRT sedimentation tanks
  3. SKT/SRT sedimentation tanks with rabble rake




TUBEdek free-standing lamella separators are suitable for use in municipal and industrial process water treatment applications including:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Raw water and backwash water treatment
  • Primary and secondary sedimentation
  • Sludge thickening
  • Treating:
    • Electroplating wastewater
    • Metal wastewater containing hydroxide
    • Gravel wash water
  • Cleaning wastewater from pressure filtration, disc filtration, cloth media filtration, sand filtration
    Cleaning as part of biological and chemical treatment processes