Water Cooling – Anti Legionella

Prevent the Buildup of Legionella Bacteria in Water Cooling Towers with SANIPACKING


The outbreak of Legionnaires disease in Edinburgh in 2012 has highlighted the importance of the methods used to prevent legionella bacteria from building up in open water cooling towers.


One area that can be protected against the effects of Legionella pneumophila and other bacteria is the media fill.  This is done by combining the necessary water treatment in the cooling circuit with fill media and Anti Legionella Fills and Drift Eliminators.


The SANIPACKING Anti Legionella product range is designed to reduce the formation of bacteria and Legionella neumophila on the surface of the Fill and Drift Eliminator in the Cooling Tower.


Richard Manning, MD 2H Water Technologies stated “2H Water Technologies has long term experience in the water processing market and has shown this specific range of products to be a demonstrably effective contributor to the inhibition of bacterial growth.”


SANIPACKING is extremely unique in that it can provide long-term protection. It is an essential part of water processing due to the intensive contact that the coolant has with the special active agents in SANIPACKING which are used to impair bacterial growth on the surface of the cooling tower Fill and Drift Eliminator.


This prevents pools of bacteria from forming on the media’s surfaces. As this is also the biggest contact surface of the cooling tower – up to 240 square meter surface area for every cubic meter of fill pack – it will help to achieve the highest possible level of protection.


The special polypropylene material used for SANIPACKING works by disrupting the metabolic process of unwanted micro-organisms at the cell wall level, preventing them from functioning properly, growing or reproducing.


SANIPACKING products must be used in conjunction with effective water treatment in the cooling circuit to prevent the formation of deposits and bacterial growth.


Fills are available in a range of different sizes and designs to match your specific water cooling towers requirements.


The latest developments in GEA 2H’s process water cooling technology include fill and drift eliminators formed from SANIPACKING biostatic polymers; a new deterrent to Legionella and other bacteria.

Product Range

Anti-Legionella Drift Eliminator

Anti-Legionella Fill

NET 150 Modular Splash Fill

Product Specification

Suitable for:

  • Wet and evaporative cooling towers
  • Industrial and power generation applications
  • All water qualities

Available in:

  • Biostatic polymers for Legionella and other bacteria deterrent

Features and Benefits:

  • Range of specific surface areas to suit different water qualities
  • Module design enables efficient ACOP L8 recommended cleaning and inspection
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