Water Cooling – Crossflow / Counterflow

2H Water Technologies is the UK’s leading supplier of plastic fill pack solutions for process water cooling in wet cooling towers.

PLASdek Media ideal for Cooling Towers

2H’s process cooling equipment, PLASdek, is designed for use in new, replacement and upgrading of existing counterflow and crossflow cooling towers. The range incorporates vertical channel fill types and splash types for high fouling applications.


PLASdek is available in polypropylene (PP) for process water cooling on higher working temperatures. The high working temperatures which can be achieved using PP fill increase the heat transfer ability so delivering the best possible performance. The latest developments in 2H’s process water cooling technology include fill and drift eliminators formed from SANIPACKING biostatic polymers; a new deterrent to Legionella and other bacteria.


2H PLASdek fill pack offers a range of different structures and surfaces to match the specific cooling tower duty required, covering all water qualities in the wide variety of industrial and power generation applications. The uniform structured nature of the pack promotes intensive mixing of the process water and air flow to deliver an efficient heat transfer performance.


The PLASdek fill pack is ideal for:


New Builds
PLASdek’s thermal efficiency can reduce the tower size
Replacing existing pack with PLASdek can improve the performance of cooling towers
Current guidelines (ACOP L8) recommend periodic removal of fill pack for cleaning and inspection. PLASdek’s modular design is easily handled by one person and offers a number of advantages over loose leaf design.

The PLASdek fill pack range includes cross fluted types with high specific surfaces for greater thermal performance. Cross fluted pack is available with surface areas from 100 to 240m2/m3. Vertical flow and hybrid types are available with surface areas typically from 90 to 125m2/m3 for towers with poorer water quality.


For use in industrial process applications in which the water quality is poor or there are other contaminants, for example, in a food processing or chemical plant, CLEANdek KV619 Vertical Flow Fill Pack’s specially engineered microstructure generates the optimum water film distribution needed for efficient cooling.


The open flute configuration has a low pressure drop characteristic and produces the higher water velocities needed to reduce clogging and create an anti-fouling. For extreme conditions where the process water has a high concentration of suspended solids or biological activity the use of the 2H splash-type fills NET 150 or grid-media FC70 is recommended. Surface areas range between 70 and 125m2/m3.


A range of high efficiency Drift Eliminators, Air Inlet Louvres and Nozzles is also available. Whilst supplied in a range of standard block sizes, the pack can be cut, ensuring suitability for virtually all cooling tower designs. PLASdek can be supplied in both Polypropylene (PP) and PolyVinylChloride (PVC) materials.


2H operates its own in house Research and Development facility including a test cooling tower providing continuous technical improvement of all our cooling tower products. As the pioneers of plastic components for cooling tower applications, 2H has gained invaluable knowledge.


The construction and operation of wet cooling towers require the use of efficient process cooling equipment like fill packs, drift eliminators and air inlet louvres. Our drift eliminators are also used as inlet louvers in applications such as cross Turbine Cooling inlets similar to the Munters DRIFdek.

Product Range

Vertical Flow Fill

Cross Fluted Fill

Splash Trickle Fill

Cross Flow Fill

Low Fouling Vertical Fill Pack

Drift / Mist Eliminator

Air Inlet Louvres

Spray Nozzles

Product Specification

Suitable for:

  • Wet and evaporative cooling towers
  • Industrial and power generation applications
  • All water qualities

Available in:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • PolyVinylChloride (PVC)
  • Biostatic polymers for Legionella and other bacteria deterrent

Product Options:

  • Range of standard block sizes
  • Optional custom design and manufacture
    • On site assembly using unique welding technology
    • Cut to specific tower shape and dimension

Features and Benefits:

  • Thermal efficiency to reduce tower size
  • Range of specific surface areas to suit different water qualities
  • Module design enables efficient ACOP L8 recommended cleaning and inspection
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