Feb 25 2021

What makes a project run smoothly?

We can agree on the basics such as effective planning, a smart choice of suppliers with the best and most efficient logistics. But what about collaboration? It’s easy to assume – and in all good faith – that collaboration is a given, that it just happens. But that isn’t always the case.


Collaboration takes effort. It takes co-operation and a willingness to communicate – the bad as well as the good. It means being aware of the small stuff. Thinking and acting collaboratively on day-to-day matters as well as major, and more obvious, planning matters.


I want to share a couple of examples of successful projects in which 2H Water Technologies and our partners made collaboration work.


A Problem Shared


Even the most meticulously planned project may encounter problems. Even relatively minor hitches can have a detrimental impact on delivery and success.


When a supplier advised there would be a delay in delivering essential parts for a project at United Utilities wastewater treatment plant in Ulverston, Cumbria, we did exactly what we’d been doing throughout the project, we talked to the main contractor, CV2+. Together, we came up with an approach that mitigated for delay. And, equally important we ensured our working relationship remained cordial and productive.


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Professionalism, Attitude and Respect


True collaborative working needs partners with a positive attitude and a commitment to professionalism. It was a combination of these factors that made working with Ward and Burke Construction an enjoyable and successful experience. The project, a Trickling Filter refurbishment at Thames Water’s STW in Earlswood, is a textbook example of effective collaborative working.


It’s a case study in the importance of mutual respect, and attention to detail, in eliminating drama – and the causes of drama – that can undermine even the most meticulously planned project. The results speak for themselves; the refurbishment was completed on time and within budget and delivered great results.


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Collaboration isn’t only for projects. Back in 2019, the SIWI (Swedish International Water Institute) rounded off Water Week with a call for greater collaboration across the water industry – and we agree. For 2H, collaboration means sharing our experience and expertise, with customers, partners and colleagues, in person, via our contribution to international research and through education including our ever-increasing range of handy, easy-to-use Guides.


Tap into our water engineering expertise to find out how 2H’s approach to practical collaboration can help make a positive difference to your wastewater treatment project planning by calling 01604 742300.

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